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  1. COVID-19 Clinical Resources on ClinOx for Primary Care 
  2. COVID-19 Medicines Management Resources on ClinOx
  3. COVID-19 GP Bulletin (OCCG Staff Zone)

 To support the flow of referrals during the Covid-19 pandemic please make it explicit on all referrals if a patient 'is' or 'is definitely not' suitable for a face to face consultation.

Clinical support by body system

body brain3Mental Health, Learning Disability & Autismbody eye wOphthalmologybody lungs2 wRespiratory and Smokingbody heartCardiovascular and Lipidsbody finger wEndocrine and Diabetesbody intestine wGastroenterologybody kidney wRenal, Urology and Men's Healthbody female wWomen's and Sexual Healthbody pregnant wPaediatricsbody knee wMSK and Rheumatologybody medication wCancer and Palliative Carebody culture wHaematology, Pathology and InfectioncrossGerontology0044 bandageDermatologybody brain3Neurology0000 earENT

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