Medicines Optimisation

Please search this website for relevant prescribing guidelines and shared care protocols. A Prescribing Information and Resources document is available here and may answer FAQs on local prescribing issues. Otherwise, please contact our team: 


COVID-19 Medicines Optimisation Guidelines

Please see the Staff Zone on the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group website and Clarity Team Net for all Primary Care COVID-19 updates. If you are unable to access this area (N3 connection required for staff zone and account for clarity), the local medicines related documents are listed below:

Oxfordshire Prescribing Formulary

Oxfordshire Medicines Formulary website

Oxfordshire now has a new online Medicines Formulary. This replaces the ‘Oxfordshire Traffic Light Classification for Prescribing Responsibility’ document.


Prescribing Dashboard and Prescribing Incentive Scheme


If you are a GP looking for the primary care prescribing dashboard, please see the Oxfordshire CCG website's prescribing page for the most recent version.

Resources to support GPs achieve their prescribing incentives are available here.


Contact and further information

For any medicines or prescribing related queries and communications, including suggestions for new drugs, shared care protocols or prescribing guidelines for APCO to consider, please email